This thing called love: Sex after childbirth can be better than before

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  • Updated: Aug 22, 2014 14:50 IST

After giving birth, a woman thinks of many things; chocolate, baby names, how soon she can go home, which breastfeeding bras are the most practical and so on.

The last thing on her mind is sex. This is in stark contrast to her husband, who has probably thought of little else for the previous three months.

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But with vaginal rejuvenation treatments, new mothers are able to turn back the clock while enhancing sensation and closeness with their significant other.

In most cases, when performing the popularity of these procedures is not surprising. Researchers at the school of psychology at Flinders University in South Australia This increasingly common procedure adjusts the sizes of the inner and outer labia which surround the vulva.

Although many women seek this procedure due to a change in their appearance after childbirth, it is often performed due to a number of very real health and lifestyle problems.

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These may include labial pain during sexual intercourse, sweating, irritation, and infection. Unusually large labia may also make wearing certain basic articles of clothing - including bathing suits, underwear, pants or jeans - extremely difficult.

Labia can vary greatly between women based on age, genetics, ethnicity, and numerous other factors; obviously, attitudes and preferences can vary greatly as well.

Where you go for any surgery makes a great deal of difference. Prior to any procedure at BHP, patients will meet not only with their physicians but also with a compassionate and knowledgeable consultant who can help them through the entire process of obtaining a procedure.

When needed, these consultants can set up payment plans for treatments that might not be covered by a patient's insurance.

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