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Tips on having safe sex

sex-and-relationships Updated: Jan 19, 2013 19:41 IST

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You suggest that washing up after masturbation is hygienic. But what do I wash and with what?
The under surface of the glans penis is a common site for the accumulation of smegma. The smegma is a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria. It is highly recommended that one clean that surface regularly, after retracting the prepuce. Wash it with warm water or soapy water. Using a dry cloth may help too but do not scrub the surface hard as the skin is very sensitive. Some men prefer cleaning up immediately after masturbating, but this is not a rule.

I’m 24. I recently had a one-night stand. I’ve been experiencing pain in my penis since then. Could this be AIDS?
Rush to your doctor. After a detailed examination, he may suggest you get a few blood tests done to relieve you of your anxieties. The chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) including HIV are high following unprotected intercourse with an unknown partner. Do remember to use a condom. It is not foolproof, but it greatly reduces the risk of STD. Always remember that people with HIV are known to survive for many years if the infection is diagnosed early and treated promptly. AIDS is the last stage of HIV.

I am 50 and I have an active sex life. But I take too long to ejaculate. This is upsetting my wife. What should I do?
elayed ejaculation may be a pointer towards inadequate stimulation. With age, the stimulus required to reach an orgasm may increase gradually. Fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases or guilt about the act may also cause such problems. Fear of getting caught in compromising positions can lead to erectile dysfunctions as well. Try foreplay. An open discussion with your partner may help too. And relax before the act. Orgasm is as much in the head, as it is physical. Some medication can also lead to sexual side effects. Try mutual masturbation for the time being.

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