Top 5 lies men tell women: Never believe him when he says...

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 28, 2014 18:16 IST

Make no mistake on this one -- if there is anything common between all men, it has to be, without doubt, their love for lying. The average guy, we're told, is a habitual offender when it comes to cooking up stories to wriggle out of a sticky situation with his girlfriend or wife. Never mind that most make a mess of it! But don't let that put your guards down. We list five common lies men subject their women to.

1 "I'm stuck in traffic, honey"
Men usually throw women this line when they're getting forced to meet you or attend an event they don't want to. Because they can't exactly refuse to go with you without enduring some serious repercussions and they can't be all pouty or throw a temper either, our poor guys have no option but to show up late and gain a wee bit of control. Our sympathies.

2 "You're the one I've always loved... seriously"
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Men will never tell the truth when they're asked the number of women they've been in a relationship with. Some lie because they're embarrassed that they've slept with too many, and some fib because they're embarrassed they've slept with too few. Either ways, it's a lie!

3 "Sorry, I missed your call"
They may also say, "My phone battery died," or that the phone "had no signal". All these three mean the same thing - I saw the phone, but want you to back off a bit. Every man needs a little alone time, and ends up feeding you such lines because he's afraid to tell you this truth straight-up. You might want to ease up on things a little and let him miss you first.

4 "I'm paid the most in my group"
He will never tell you how much money he makes. Most men won't lie outright about their bank statement, but yes, they kind of lead women to believe they're a little better off than they really are. Men who make too much money keep it a secret as they don't want to appear like some dirt-bag, who flashes cash to get women. But most men fudge the figure in their favour.

5 "I'm just a social drinker"
Like his salary cheque, this is another count he will either inflate, or under quote. But the intention either ways is the same: to impress you. Some even say "This will be my last beer." Now, this lie is serious, at so many levels. If he says this one often, he could have an alcohol problem. When he's sober, you need to tell him about your concerns. Watch the timing, but this is definitely a conversation you two need to have.

So, what is your man lying to you about?

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