Top 5 tips on how to flirt right

  • Ankita Ganguli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 16, 2014 02:16 IST

You either have it or you don't - flirting is that art of letting the person you are interested in know about it without saying as much.

Even if you think you're a great flirt, that view may not be shared by others - so you could still do yourself a favour by checking out our tips on how to flirt successfully. It may change your luck, who can tell!


The right mood

One of the most important aspects of successful flirting is being in the right mood. There's no point of flirting if you're not really in the mood for engaging in a conversation with someone. A good flirt will feel good about him or herself, have a general sense of fun/wit about them, and a healthy curiosity to know people. Only when you feel good about yourself can you pass this energy onto others! Don't you think?


Smile please!

A smile costs nothing and shows instantly that you are a warm person and genuinely interested in the other person. Your smile will suggest that for one special moment the recipient of your smile is the focus of your attention. People who very rarely offer a smile are likely to be least successful when it comes to the flirting stakes. But that does not mean you will have to smile all the time because you already know too much of anything is injurious to health!


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Eye contact

We're not talking about overly staring at someone because that will quite rightly freak them out. However, it is quite


to hold someone's gaze for a just a second or two longer than you normally would. It shows the person that you are interested and a confident person. Show your partner the magic of your twinkling eyes!


Stop looking desperate

Some people approach a situation with a success or failure mentality. If you focus too much on getting a result, then you may just come across as desperate. Why not just concentrate on engaging someone in conversation and see what you can do for them to make them feel good about themselves? Putting someone first rather than concentrating solely on making a good impression will actually mean you make a better impression!

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Have a go!

If you are scared of putting your flirting techniques to test, it means you have failed even before you started. So, get out there and have a go! People often give up when they don't get immediate results - but instead of doing that, you should look upon things as a learning experience and have another go. Now, just go and have a rocking time!

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