Want an intimate vacation with your partner? Leave your phone behind

  • AFP, London
  • Updated: May 25, 2016 16:12 IST
Most people admit their phones and tablets get in the way of their sex life while on vacation. (Shutterstock)

About 52% adults expect better sex on a holiday, but 60% return dissatisfied because of their phones and/or tablets getting in the way, found a recent survey by sexual wellbeing brand Durex.

Almost a fifth of the 2,000 Londoners questioned said their phones and tablets get in the way of their sex life while on vacation, with 15% admitting that they have less sex on holiday than they do at home because of their tech.

Forty percent responded that they are less likely to instigate sex if their partner is on their phone in bed, and 41% admitted that evenings on holiday can be spent in bed together concentrating on separate phones rather than each other.

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Fifty-nine percent also said that they, their partner or both have too much screen time, and more than half of those respondents felt their relationship suffers as a result. Seventy-two of the 2000 respondents even admitted to using phones during sex.

The results of the survey were released to coincide with brand’s #DoNotDisturb campaign, a social experiment video looking at the effect of tech and smartphones on couple’s bedroom activity while on vacation.

Durex believes that the results of the survey, the social experiment, and a follow-up scientific study conducted with real couples, all suggest that turning off tech in the bedroom could help turn on your partner, and help couples meet their holiday “sexpectations.”

The social experiment video conducted as part of the ‘#DoNotDisturb campaign can be viewed on YouTube now:

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