Want perfect dating profile? Here’s what you shouldn’t do

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 22, 2015 13:00 IST
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When you meet that attractive woman at a party, you want to show her your best side with your charm turned on. Your online dating profile is no different; you need to make an everlasting impression. The difference in real life dating and online dating is that in real life you can quickly correct a faux pas whereas online dating is brutal. There are no second chances. Here’s how to get your profile right:

The pictures you must avoid

It’s the first thing anyone is going to see on the dating sites or app. It can make or break your impression. “Your picute shouldn’t over or undersell you. Go for a profile picture which looks real,” says Pulkit Sharma, psychologist.

No tigers, please!

“Aww, that is so cute!!” That is the reaction you get if it’s you and your cat in the picture. But if you are going for a python or a tiger, then your potential dates might sing this to you: “Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know what you are, if you know what you are, then you know that the zoo is not that far”. Tigers and pythons belong to the wild, not your profile picture.

No topless pictures

Great that you have a six pack but trust us, no one wants to see you topless. You are here to meet new people, and putting topless pictures will make you look like a narcissistic wannabe. Put a picture of you hiking or mountain biking if you want to show that you are a fitness enthusiast.

The group photo

Go for solo pictures. Putting a group picture will make the other person wonder which one you are? Besides, you don’t want her to date your friends, do you?

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The celebrity shot

Pictures with a celebrity? Yes, if you can play it cool. A photo of you freaking out around someone famous isn’t a good look (unless it’s absolutely hilarious). But putting a celebrity as a profile picture without you in it is a turn-off. Who do you want girls to date — you or Brad Pitt?

Personal summary

Keep it short and sweet. Throw in a line from your favourite TV show. Include a hobby or two.

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No to text lingo

Making spelling and grammar mistakes is horrible, and combining them with slangs and text lingo is an attack on the eyes. You can’t expect any literate person to read through your error-filled summary about you. Make an effort, don’t be lazy and do a spell check before you write your personal summary.

Don’t brag

Confidence is great, but bragging overconfidently about your abilities, car, bunglow and exotic vacations is not done. Bragging is a turn-off. It makes you appear fake. Go easy about yourself and appear approachable.

No demands, please

Don’t make demands in your bio section. To tell your prospective date how you’d like to be entertained in a restaurant or how you only ride a Jaguar is silly. You are here to find a partner, not a personal secretary to boss around.

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