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What does your sleep say about your relation?

sex-and-relationships Updated: Jan 21, 2013 15:59 IST
Arpita Kala
Arpita Kala
Hindustan Times
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Do you snuggle up to sleep with your partner or are you a cover hog? A couple's body language in bed can be an indicator of their relationship. "When you are asleep, your conscious mind is resting and your body language starts reflecting your core feelings," says psychologist Pulkit Sharma, adding that if a couple prefers a certain sleep position, then that tells us a lot about their bond. We decode four common sleeping positions:

The spoons: You both lie on your sides, him or her facing your back.
The meaning: If a man spoons from behind, he's protective. A woman facing her partner's back is nurturing and the backbone of the relationship. The partner being spooned should make sure to respond to the hugs or kisses or it may become too platonic.

Poles apart: Your backs face each other, with a wide gap in between.
The meaning: The intimacy is breaking down and you both may be too independent. But all is well as long as you say a warm goodnight. Psychologist Pulkit Sharma says, "It is normal to need some space occasionally, but if this is done as a routine, then it reflects that either of you are feeling suffocated, mothered and tired in the relationship and want to break free."

Need you: One lies on their back, the other is cradled in the crook of their arm cuddled up.
The meaning: The partner on their back provides emotional strength to the other partner who is needier. However, such a relationship though initially enjoyable can become quite frustrating for the giving partner after a while.

Pure lust: Very cuddled up, with your legs entwined and the erogenous zones snuggled into each other.
The meaning: There is loads of passion and sensuality, and you are probably in the honeymoon phase.