Who knew? Every third man feels pressured by women to get perfect body

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  • Updated: Jun 03, 2015 18:58 IST

The recent furore over a recent ad campaign by weight loss supplement brand Protein World that asks the question "Are you beach body ready?" highlighted what a polemic topic body image is for women. But now it has been revealed that men, too, can often feel self conscious about stripping down to their bathing suits.

According to a recent poll by the market research app OnePulse, only 8% of men feel "very happy" with their bodies, while 11% are unhappy with their physique and a further 11% claim they "hate" the way they look.

And while 22% say they don't feel any pressure to have the perfect figure, almost one third of respondents (29%) feel the pressure to look good thanks to women. It seems male pride has much less influence when it comes to looks, with only 16% claiming to feel the heat from other men.

Yet despite feelings of dissatisfaction, some 20% of men claim to lack the motivation to "work on their body." With summer around the corner, 33% are willing to dig out their gym gear ahead of beach season, while 22% have the impetus to take care of their physiques all year round.

The news flies in the face of the recent 'Dad bod' phenomenon, which saw 'everyday men' gain sex appeal in the eyes of the media and womankind for their "non-threatening" and "cuddly" physiques.

But the survey results were even more dramatic for the women polled, with just three% of female respondents describing themselves as "happy" with their bodies, and a huge 39 % admitting they would feel "unconfident" wearing a bikini. The overwhelming majority (41%) of women polled cited a flat stomach as the body improvement they most covet, followed by toned legs (20%), a small waist (15%) and toned arms (12%).

The poll surveyed 400 males and 500 females aged between 16 and 65 from all around the UK.

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