Women write 66% of sex toy reviews, men buy 88% of condoms: Survey

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  • Updated: Sep 17, 2014 18:48 IST

A new survey has revealed that most of the 'small condoms', ones that fit tighter also called snugger condoms, are brought by men. The study, known as Down The Rabbit Hole, is a 53-page report written to 'shed light on people's sex lives' in a way that was never been done before, the Daily Star reported.

Researcher Jon Millward, who analysed a million sales at sex toy firm Lovehoney over a five-month period, said that now the contents of many bedroom drawers could be known with absolute certainty.

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Neal Slateford, Lovehoney co-owner, said that the findings shattered the myth that sex toys were most frequently bought by single people, in fact, most sales were to couples looking to enhance their sexual happiness and share the toys together.

The interesting study revealed the following:

188% of small condoms are bought by men

218.5% of people write 'leave with neighbour' for their delivery instructions

3 On a weird note, all the batteries sold in a year have the potential to aid three million orgasms or power a vibrator for 28 years

4Lovehoney sells enough lubricant in a year to fill 268 bathtubs

5119,200 penis rings are sold in a year. If these were combined into one giant ring, it would be 1.4 miles long, big enough to encircle the Empire State Building 20 times!

666% of sex toy reviews are written by women who are 64% more likely than men to use the word 'love' in their reviews

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