Would you ever date a make-believe partner?

  • Shruti Dargan, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 25, 2015 17:07 IST

With Valentine's Day less than a month away, this is that time of the year when single people start getting those sympathising looks from their friends and family.

While some may not give a damn, the imaginative ones end up cooking stories about a partner that doesn't exist to escape embarrassment.

"If you're single, people tend to think that you're not good enough. I know many college-goers who lie about dating someone out of the fear of being ridiculed," says psychologist Pulkit Sharma.

Now, at least for the singles living in the US, there is an app that claims to make their lives easier. The idea of the app is to back up singles when they go about claiming that they are seeing someone. Wondering how? The service, called Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend, helps singles 'create' an imaginary partner, pick a name for him/her, and also give them a face by selecting a selfie from the website's stock. Once the profile comes to life, the app starts faking phone calls and lovey-dovey texts to the person's smartphone.
How would youngsters closer home take this?

"A service like this will help me get my family off my back. They'll be convinced that I'm dating someone," says Priya Goel, 28.

However, experts say that while such an app may give you short term relief, an imaginary partner isn't a great idea.

"You will be guilty of lying to your family, but the worse part is that a fake partner will also keep reminding you of your single status," says psychologist and relationship expert Vichitra Anand.

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