You don't have to travel land and sea, just be playful to win her over

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  • Updated: Feb 27, 2015 15:50 IST

Being playful is not just a gesture of friendliness, intelligence and a sense of humour - it can also help you woo your girl and vice versa.

"This personality trait seems important in the choice of partner - at least more so than the partner having a degree, good genes or being religious," said psychologists Rene Proyer and Lisa Wagner from the department of psychology at the University of Zurich.

According to anthropologist, Garry Chick from Pennsylvania State University, playfulness in adults is a desirable trait in sexual selection.

To women, it indicates a low level of aggression in men and to men vitality in women. The researchers conducted the study with 327 young adults from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The participants were asked to examine a list of 16 characteristics and indicate whether or not they found them desirable in future or potential partner for long-term relationships.

The results showed that men and women largely agreed in their orders of preference - although there were differences in individual ratings.

While women found a sense of humour more important than men, men found an exciting personality more important than women.

"Playful people also deem humour, a fun tendency, a laid-back attitude and creativity more important in partners than their non-playful counterparts," the authors said.

Playful adults are fond of wordplay like improvising, approach a challenge lightheartedly, take pleasure in unusual things, deal with others in a playful way, enjoy teasing - and create situations in which they and others are entertained.

"This could be an indication that playful people are actually perceived as more attractive partners or that playfulness increasingly develops in the relationship," said Proyer in a University press release.

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