Your job can seriously affect your marital status!

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Jan 10, 2015 17:28 IST

The profession you are in can seriously affect the chances of you getting married and divorced, says a new study.

The US Census statistics gathered by Businessweek looked at data charts of marriage and divorce rates in the US across occupations since 1950, and found that while dentistry at 81% has the highest rate of people who are married, person with the job of a paper-hanger was more likely to be divorced, the Mirror reported.

It was found that major professions that were most likely to be married were related to healthcare, reason being healthcare jobs usually provide better financial support.

Jobs in which people are most likely to be married:
* Dentist
* Chief Executive
* Sales Engineer
* Physician
* Podiatrist
* Optometrist
* Farm product buyer
* Precision grinder
* Religious worker
* Tool and die maker

Meanwhile, the jobs in which people are most likely to be divorced:
* Paper-hanger
* Drilling machine operator
* Knitter textile operator
* Forge operator
* Mail handler
* Science technician
* Nurse
* Social welfare clerk
* Winding machine operative
* Postal clerk

The survey of 42,000 people by Payscale also revealed that an artist or a cook, was most likely to date, or sleep with, a coworker, with the age of fling with a co-worker being the twenties.

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