Are you on a rebound?

After a bad break-up, you are trying to come back on track and meet someone in the process. You have started feeling intensely for this new person. Is it true love or a rebound? Take this quiz. For each item, choose one of the three options based on how you think, feel and behave across situations.

1 An intense broken relationship:
 a.Takes time to heal
 b.Can be ancient history quickly
 c. Brings life to a standstill

2 Do you see your ex in fantasies and dreams?
 a. Often   
 b. Never
 c. Sometimes

3 Break-up made you feel: 
 a. Sad and alone      
 b. Inferior and ashamed       
 c. Angry

4 After the break up, your tendency to go out has:
 a. Increased  
 b. Decreased
 c. Is the same 
5 Casual sex is:
 a. Complicated     
 b. Fun
 c. Worthless

6 A new attractive guy/ girl shows interest. You feel: 
 a. Excited, want to give it a shot   
 b. Thrilled but not prepared to 
 c. Indifferent

7 Spying on your ex is:
 a. An obsession you’re trapped in   
 b. The last thing on your mind      
 c. Interesting

8 After the break-up, you:
 a. Have been compromising on your standards while looking for a date     
 b. Evaluating potential dates carefully   
 c. Want time to get back to dating     
9 When memories of good old times come back:
 a. You try extremely hard to push them away and feel OK   
 b. It makes you sad       
 c. There is no impact on you

10 You have given a careful thought to what really went wrong in the relationship:
 a. Not really          
 b. Yes
 c. It does not matter         

What does your score say? 
Between 10 - 14: You are quite open to experiencing various emotions following the break-up. Although it might seem a tad difficult at times, hopefully you will find a way out. There’s little chance that you will get into a rebound relationship.       
Between 15- 30: You seem to deny, normalise and run away from the effects of break-up too quickly.
To be able to be feel good and reassure yourself, there is a severe risk that you may enter into a rebound relationship. Give yourself enough time to heal and open up to your true feelings, as you are in an emotionally vulnerable state, and quite likely to fall into the rebound trap.

1) A=2,  B=3,  C=1
2)  A=3,  B=1,  C=2
3)  A=1,  B=3,  C=4
4)  A=3,  B=1,  C=2
5)  A=2,  B=3,  C=1
6)  A=3,  B=2,  C=1
7)  A=3,  B=1,  C=2
8)  A=3,  B=2,  C=1
9)  A=2,  B=1,  C=3
10)  A=2,  B=1,  C=3

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