Between the covers: read books for a super love life

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  • Updated: Jul 15, 2014 17:28 IST

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Are you an avid fiction reader? You may well be on course to becoming a better lover too.

According to Anne E Cunningham from University of California, Berkeley, young book readers develop emotional intelligence through "language exposure" that results in stronger communication skills needed to have a better love life.

Fiction readers not only show more empathy than their peers but are also more likely to fall in love and develop intimacy with another person.

"Reading sensitive and lengthy explorations of people's lives, that kind of fiction is literally putting yourself into another person's position," researchers said.

Readers are better at identifying feelings and facial expressions than an average person. It could help foster long-lasting relationships with their partners," they added in a Huffington Post Canada report.

Earlier research also pointed out that "deep reading" helps fine-tune one's "theory of mind" through literary material.


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