Blogs for cheating wives?

Confession #161
"You are a better father than I ever hoped."

Confessions of a wayward wife:
"James doesn't know about my blog and I think it's probably best to keep it that way. After all, I feel the painfully narcissistic process of reading about oneself in what is essentially a diary would do nothing for the boy's already-damaged sense-of-self."

My married life:
"I love my hubby dearly...but I still see other men...this NOT a place for evangelists against cheating...this is for others, women and men like myself who are sometimes a little perplexed that society says you can have either one or the other..."

These are not pieces of fiction - they are all blogs by real women who are cheating on their spouses - all anonymously, though!

Of late, more and more women are indulging in this new fetish! How many of us have marital affairs and are unable to share feelings with even your closest buddies?

'Infidelity blogs' have have increased in number in recent years and are attracting a large following. Bloggers say that they are not trying to flaunt their affairs, but trying to use anonymity to share details of their secret lives and find support among like-minded people.

A blog called 'True Wife Confessions' has posts that features women saying things that could not be said in the open. Since infidelity is an extremely isolating experience, one is unable to share the experience with anyone else in your life, including those closest to you. This unique kind of blogging gives women a chance to share their experiences in the virtual world. There are bloggers who share feelings of guilt and there are some who say that their conscience is clean.

So then why flaunt your affairs? They say they have been pushed far enough in their real lives that it just doesn't feel wrong anymore.


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