Calling all the single ladies: 5 reasons why being single rules!

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Aug 19, 2014 19:03 IST

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A new fad took over Twitter last night where men and women were tweeting relentlessly as to why they are single. However, the hashtag (#AndThatsWhyIAmSingle) wasn’t being used for the same reasons by everyone. While some used it to bask in the glory of their singledom and the perks that it brings, others used it to put forth the reasons why they haven’t been unable to find their own fish from the vast sea.

It has been quoted by men, time and again, why being a bachelor is just the best. And today we are here to address the acute melancholia of the miserable single ladies and give them five reasons as to why being the mistress of your own universe totally rules.

1. Make as many eye candies as you want!
Well duh! You are single and therefore you can ogle, stare and flirt with any man of your fancy. That hot guy from the office whom you always wanted to take a good long stare at every time he passes your desk, could be in the palm of your hands whenever you want. For letting us have a guilt-free experience at having an eye-candy, we give singledom a big thumbs up!

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2. More ‘me’ time:
Men always complain how girlfriends do not let them have more time to themselves, well same here guys! We too need time to pamper ourselves and not be heckled by constant dinners, lunches, movies (mostly action movies which we HAVE to go to just because they won’t watch the latest Ryan Gosling love story as it doesn’t suit their ‘manliness’). With no boyfriend, you can watch any movie you like, listen to girly songs in YOUR car (because you always end up being driven by him in his car while you own eats rust). You have more time to read books, visit a spa or even catch up with an old friend!

3. No more jealous cribbing, from either side:
We will be unbiased when we say that women and men are equally jealous and controlling in a relationship. If you are always skeptical of his constant texting when he is with you, even he doesn’t agree with letting you meet with an old male classmate. Being single, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You not only have no one to answer about your actions but also do not have to check his actions either. It is a win-win deal!

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4. You can literally throw your phone away now:
To some it may seem like the most depressing state but we think it is all for the best. You won’t get any phone calls in the dead of the night, you don’t need to reply to text messages as soon as your phone buzzes to life and neither do you need to call him back or lose a heart beat when you see a missed call from him. No pressure at all.

5. No shaving!
We saved the biggest perk for the last. Oh how we detest having to shave our legs every other week. The shiver that runs through our body at the very mention of hot wax and what would we not do to escape the unbearable torture. Well simple! Be single. No more worrying about regular waxing appointments or razor blades. What more? Just imagine all the money you could save with no beauty parlour visits. Cha-ching!


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