Hot trend: what about a date at the gym?

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  • Updated: Mar 10, 2014 07:27 IST

A woman practices yoga in the gym at Kimpton's Lorien Hotel and Spa in Washington, D.C. in this May 2009 handout. Credit: Reuters/Fred Licht, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants/Handout

Would you ever say yes to a person who asks you out on a date to the gym? Well, it is the latest dating trend in New York, so you should really consider saying yes because you don't want to be left behind.

While one man who took his love interest, now-fiance, to a fitness class told the New York Post that working out together was a great way to make sure that they saw each other more, another said that it's a great way to discover a woman's true personality.

Experts believe that couple's workout is gaining popularity because we live in a fitness-crazed city where being physically fit is a huge turn-on.

Thompson Plyler, a trainer and certified dating and relationship coach, explained that people want to date healthy people who take care of their bodies and push themselves, because it shows that they're responsible, self-aware and can keep up with the fast-paced vibe of the city.

And it's easy to see if someone has those qualities when you're next to him or her at a fitness class, he added.


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