Drunk women more likey to have sex with strangers?

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  • Updated: Feb 06, 2013 16:14 IST

Now, a new survey has found that life really imitates art for today’s young women, as many experience the same regrets as the characters in the New York based comedy drama, the Daily Mail reported.

Dating disasters, awkward sex and the struggle to get a dream career - all experienced by the 20-somethings – have been laid bare in hit TV show Girls. Readers of glamour.com were quizzed on the trials and tribulations they experienced in their twenties, covering everything from dating and sex, through to their finances and attitudes to drinking, with fascinating results.

Of the 3,600 readers questioned, 72 percent said they regret at least one person they dated in their twenties, while 77 percent wished they’d never had a one-night stand.

30 percent said they were ashamed to admit they’d slept with a stranger when drunk.

More than half, 54 percent, said they had unprotected sex - with 12 percent catching an STI as a result and 61 percent have either had an abortion or know someone who has.

The survey was inspired by the award-winning US TV show Girls, written by Lena Durham, 26, who also stars as Hannah. The plot follows the plight of her and her friends as they grapple with bad sex and men who won’t commit whilst also desperately seeking job satisfaction.

Perhaps misled by the glamorous bed-hopping lives of the characters in Sex and the City (SATC), 18 percent of respondents thought they’d be having more sex in their twenties than they actually are.

When it comes to settling down, 28 percent said they regret staying in a relationship because it was comfortable.  Along with love life woes, many of the respondents said the course of their friendships didn’t run smooth either.

A massive 81 percent confessed there were tensions in their friendships with flaky friends cancelling plans at the last minute the biggest annoyance for 59 percent. As they attempt to forge their careers, 45 percent thought they’d get their dream job in their twenties, while 44 percent wish they had worked out what they wanted to do sooner.

More than half, 55 percent, regret not being more self-assured at work and 28 percent regret not speaking about up about a payrise or promotion.



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