Dwindling sex life? How to get more action

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  • Updated: Nov 29, 2013 19:16 IST

If stress is taking a toll on your sex life, here's your action plan to getting more action.

A large-scale study published this week in the journal The Lancet finds that Britons are having less sex these days, all due to the pileup of work and money stress and technology replacing fun romps in the bedroom, researchers said.

Prevention magazine also cites a recent study that found that the stress hormone cortisol, sparked by hectic schedules and tightening bank accounts, decreased physical arousal in women.

But there is hope, sex expert Joan Price told Prevention. "Whether it's with a partner or by yourself with a toy, having sex will give you a physiological release that will make you feel better," she said.

Her sex-revving solutions? For starters, exercise regularly to get the blood flowing, including to the genital area, she said. Also simply ask for a massage, which could help keep partners feeling connected and trigger desire for more. "People think that desire has to come before the physiological response, but that's not the case," she said. "That's especially true for women and men in mid-life, when they're not driven by hormones."

For those who like to-do lists, add sex to the agenda. While certainly not spontaneous, Price said that writing it down can help synchronize your brain and body.


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