Forced anal sex is illegal

Genes determine the sexual appetite in men.

Forced anal sex, even with a condom, is illegal in our country. It is called sodomy and is a punishable act. Normal sexual intercourse is the peno-vaginal variety.

Couples are known to indulge in peno-anal sex from time to time. The anus is not as expandable as the vagina, and reports of tears of anus are known following forced sexual intercourse. The chances of prolapse of rectum are high following repeated peno-anal intercourse. Even the probability of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is multiplied many times following unprotected anal intercourse. Using some form of anaesthetic gel like Lignocaine may help in smoother penetration. A co-operative partner is a must.

A condom is a barrier method that prevents direct contact between the genital tract linings. It reduces the risk of STDs to a great extent. However, it is not 100 per cent safe and chances of tears or slippage in untrained hands are fair.

-Dr Kavan Lakdawala 


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