Gender bender: what men want?

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  • Updated: Jan 17, 2014 13:08 IST

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The female equivalent of this question has got its space in the sun but what do men want? To begin with, women's logic doesn't work on them. The author who said men are from Mars and women are from Venus knew what he was talking about.

Author Geoff Barker's What's on a Man's Mind puts the thing into a clear perspective, reports

You are good but she might be better

Men are always looking when it comes to their ideal girl. They may even know they've found their perfect mate but looking around is hardwired in their DNA. So, the next time you feel he was checking another girl out, he probably is.

No relationship talk, please

Men will never initiate relationship talk. So, if you want to talk about' luurve', start it yourself. He will respond to your questions. One thing he would never accept is that there is trouble in the paradise. The onus is on you.

Don't get him used to the little lies

Don't ask him leading questions which will force him to lie. So, don't ask him if he was checking out that hot girl at the mall. Barker believes that "getting him used to lying will set you up for a very big fall". In other words, practice makes perfect.

He shows love, doesn't profess it

Saying 'I love you' does not mean the same thing to them. They actually show their love by doing little things for you - dropping you to work, fixing you a cup of tea, going with you for a romcom they detest.

Men like their women younger

They would want to sleep with a woman who is 24, or 18. Barker says: "There's not a man who wouldn't fantasise about sleeping with an 18- to 24-year-old. But there are also plenty of guys who have little interest in a much younger woman for anything serious. As they get older, mental stimulation becomes as important as anything else."


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