Give a lil' try: 5 tips to restore faith in love post break-up

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  • Updated: Aug 20, 2014 18:39 IST

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The end of any relationship leaves behind scars and the ability to trust again becomes a challenge when you start a new relationship. Take it slow, be honest and all will be fine.

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Rachel MacLynn, psychologist and relationship expert, shares trust commandments that will help put the faith back into love, reports

Accept that you are stronger than before: After the end of a relationship, you become wiser and ultimately a stronger person than you were before you experienced the difficult time. And that means that you now have more to contribute to a new relationship, and that you can be an even better partner to the right person.

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Go slow: Take your time and offer yourself slowly, watching for how the person responds. Show a few smaller parts of yourself in the beginning; then, if the new person responds in a way that makes you feel safe, try offering a bit more.

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Be honest: It can be very healthy to openly discuss your reluctance to make yourself vulnerable again. It can also create a sense of connectedness between two people, which can lead to more trust and caring. You might even find that the person you are sharing your experiences with has a similar story.

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Not everyone is same: Remember that your new partner isn’t your old one. Don’t treat him as the person that hurt you, remember he hasn’t done anything wrong.

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Trust yourself: In many cases, the fear of trusting another person is more about your own fear of not being able to handle a betrayal. But you know you can. You know you will be able to cope with a broken heart and trusting yourself to be able to cope will make it much easier for you to learn to trust again.


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