Have you fallen for a serial dater? Watch out!

A bad date

Ever met someone who charms the socks off you and after a whirlwind affair, breaks up using a lame excuse? You have most likely been a victim of a serial dater. Not everyone is into dating to find their life partner. We tell you the five tell tale signs of a serial dater.

Snoop the ex-files: Check out their exes to notice a pattern. Does he prefer leggy women or does she have a history of flings with long haired men? It is likely that they’re fixating on the physical attraction rather than a personal connection.

A short expiry date: Delve into his or her dating history. If he’s has only managed a longest relationship of two years, it’s best to back away, unless you’re looking for something fun too.

Spacing out: Does he or she zone out when you speak about your interests? Serial daters prefer to keep the focus on themselves.

Colour the mood blue: A few dates later, a serial dater is likely to fall into a bad mood, using hot terms like depression and confusion to help his or her case. It could be work or life at first, but eventually, it’s going to be you.

One man wolf pack: Is your date content to spend the weekends with his friends, at work or alone? If they are not making an effort to see you, except to get some bedroom fun, this is your cue to take flight.


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