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  • Updated: Dec 30, 2012 01:32 IST
  • Breakup

    Had a break-up?

  • Breakup

    Want to scare away your commitment-phobic girlfriend? Pop the question and voila! You're free.

  • Breakup

    Looking for reasons to dump your girlfriend? Tell her that you're impotent. That should do the job.

  • Break ups

    Break ups don't have to be cordial! Tell him that you're breaking up with him because your dog doesn't like him.

  • break up

    One of the most commonly used and effective break up line- We're not breaking up, let's just take a break!

  • breakup

    Used all your breakup lines and nothing works on your over committed partner? Use the 'I am gay' excuse and see magic happen right before ...

  • Breakup

    Another ubiquitous break up one liner- I'm leaving the city! Hopefully your partner won't chase you there.

  • Breakup

    How about the pet favourite- It's not you, it's me! Make a victim out of your partner and you're a free bird!

  • Breakup

    Use the 'I am attracted to someone else' excuse. It always works. But make sure you're wearing protective gear 'cause there might be some flying ...

At some point in life, many of us might have been involved in those kind of relationships that we just can’t wait to end! And when it comes to coming up with the best excuse for breaking up, many of us stick to the basics — the emotional hits and talks of an uncertain future. Here are some popular, oft-used breakup lines that many of us can relate to:

You are not at fault, it’s all me
The most common way used to absolve oneself of all blame, is simple — make yourself the victim of your own emotional issues. Many of us escape a relationship by underlining our apparent drawbacks. From emotional baggage from past relationships, the inability to match up to his or her perfections to commitment phobia, this breakup line is so tricky, that many of us are often left feeling bad about ourselves rather than the other person.

We don’t have a future together
For men and women both, this is an excuse that seems to award them a 10 on 10 on the maturity scale. From “I am the only son who has to lead the family pantheon,” to “my parents wouldn’t have me dating a boy I could never marry,” the breakup line is usually full-proof. And complaints include everything — from “you smoke too much,” “your house is too small for our five hypothetical children,” to “you won’t be able to handle my work hours.”

You did that thing once, and I am still not over it!
Many of us end up digging up memories and unearthing forgotten fights that you both thought were buried and long gone. When we are looking for a way out, we tend to hit back with things that affected us at one point, and bring them into the picture again. How many of us have used the line: “I never actually got over it, and
I am afraid I never will!”

We are poles apart
Dissecting and highlighting each and every difference in your personality is a human excuse that we have all taken solace in. From something as minute as one’s choice in breakfast cereal to not paying enough respect to certain songs, we all tend to bring up everything that didn’t seem to matter up to this point of breaking up.


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