One in three women fake an orgasm

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  • Updated: Aug 07, 2013 12:14 IST

One in three women regularly fake orgasms, a survey has revealed

The average woman has sex 99 times a year, but on 34 occasions they do not reach the zenith.

 In the poll of 4,000 women, 30 per cent admitted they had faked an orgasm with every partner they have had. And 90 per cent say blokes cannot distinguish a fake from the real thing.

Twenty per cent said they thought about other men during sex to turn themselves on.

The survey by market researchers OnePoll is not all bad news for the men. Over 80 per cent of women said they would rather be with a bloke who was a flop in bed but was kind and caring than a sensational lover who showed little or no affection.

Around 15 per cent said poor technique can be improved, while lovers who show no tenderness are much harder to fix. And one in five women admitted that bad sex was not always their partner’s fault.

“Fellas simply need to talk more. Take a little time finding out what makes women happy when they make love,” OnePoll spokesman John Sewell was quoted by the Sun, as saying.


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