Relationship 'donts': 5 topics you must never discuss with your boyfriend

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  • Updated: Aug 19, 2014 17:36 IST

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No matter how long you two have been together, when with your man you should never make references to your ex-boyfriend or tell him to open up to you, says an expert.

Dating expert Kezia Noble has put together a list of what should be avoided while talking to the man of your life, reports

"My boyfriend used to...": He doesn't want to hear anything about your boyfriend. Even if you're making a negative comment about your ex, he will think he's still on your mind, and it will still annoy him. Men can't tolerate the idea of their girlfriends being with another man, so avoid this topic.

"I want you to open up to me":  There is nothing wrong with trying to have an open dialogue with your boyfriend, but this line will make him feel like he's being cornered, and as a result he will laugh it off or close up. You can get him to "open up" more effectively, by making it feel like it was his choice to do so. Find a point in the conversation where he's completely relaxed, and then ask him some questions that will ease him into opening up.|

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"Why were you looking at that woman?": Men look at other women because they can't help it. If they are being obvious about it, then it can feel disrespectful, but the best way to handle it is to make a joke about it. This will make you seem a lot more self-confident and jealousy-free.

"I don't mind... you choose": Most men don't like being ordered about or told where they should precisely take a woman for a date. However, they are attracted to women who have a clear idea of what they like and want, but at the same time are open to surprises and new experiences. So, next time he asks you what you want to do, tell him some ideas you have, but then finish it off with "However, I'm interested to see how you'd like to spend time with me".

"You should wear this...": Most men had their mother telling them how to dress or to walk or to sit and although they can accept this level of criticism from their wives, they won't take kindly to it coming from a woman they haven't fallen in love with yet.


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