Sex & the city: What is the correct age for menopause?

I am 56-years-old and I had an operation to remove my prostate as I had urinary problems. Now at times my stream is white. Though the report states that it was a benign tumour, could there have been a be mistake?
Why doubt the reports? Weren’t you informed about retrograde ejaculation by your doctor? It is a known phenomenon in many people who undergo prostate surgery. In this phenomenon, the ejaculation, instead of coming out of the urethra, goes back and is released into the urinary bladder. The urine following the sexual act may be highly whitish in colour due to presence of the semen. It needs no attention. Few couples even start enjoying the dry climax over time.

What is menopause? Do all woman get it? What is the correct age for it?
Every woman, who attends menarche, gets menopause. Menopause is defined clinically as the absence of periods for two consecutive years, in the absence of any other cause. Some people believe that even 12 months is sufficient time. The age of attaining menopause is usually between 45 and 55 years. Genetics, physical, environmental, psychological factors and so on play an important role in the timing of menopause. It is accompanied by numerous physical as well as mental changes. It heralds the end of the fertile period in the life of a lady. Talk with a gynecologist for details.
Last week we had sex with no protection and we are both in our late 20s and are loyal to each other. However, I felt blood on my foreskin. What can it be?

It can be her menstrual blood. The local infection as well as injury cannot be ruled out. Forceful sex may lead to trauma. Breaking of the hymen in a virgin  may give rise to few drops of blood that can be difficult to detect. As you are tensed, visit a doctor. Do remember to use some form of contraception, like a condom during your subsequent sexual encounters.

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