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I got married two months back. My chest size is too small and my husband seems disappointed. He has not mentioned it but I feel it. We have a good sex life but I want to satisfy him completely. What should I do?
Why are you making assumptions? You should ask him directly. Your thoughts are too farfetched. Men are attracted to a woman’s contours and breasts are a source of added attraction. The breastsize remains almost constant after the pubertal years. The increase in weight may lead to the deposition of fat in the entire body and breasts may be sites for increased fat deposits. The breast size does change slightly during various stages of the sexual cycle. The size may increase slightly after childbirth too. After the menopausal years, the size may reduce slightly. You need to be happy with what you have.

I am nearing 40. Of late, I don’t feel excited about having sex. I do not orgasm as often as I used to. Is this an age
related issue? 

Do you have any recently diagnosed medical problems? It can be due to an increased level of stress. Age has no direct bearing as you are still in your forties. Climax or orgasm is equated with ejaculation in males. Temporary variations are a worldwide phenomenon. Remember that orgasm is a brain related phenomenon. Discuss this issue with your partner.

Recently, I came across an advertisement about Japanese herbal oils. They apparently have sex-enhancing properties. I would like to know the effectiveness of the product. I want to know if these are worth it.
May be you can try them and let me know. I will get an opportunity to educate myself. An aphrodisiac is the name given to a substance that is believed to increase an individual’s sexual desire. In popular folklores, multitudes of substances have been linked with increasing a man’s sexual desire. Various items from the Chinese herbs to several homemade medications have been used for
centuries to increase sexual desire. However, it is now scientifically proven that a healthy balanced diet is all that is required for a healthy sexual life. Good aroma may arouse you and help you have a better sex life.

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