Sex is best on Thursdays! Here's why

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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2012 10:49 IST

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There is a best day for everything and Thursday is best for having sex, a new study has found.

Consumer magazine Which? found that Monday is best for buying a camera, while Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly, with trips from Gatwick to Alicante in Spain being an average of 35 percent cheaper than on a Friday.

Tuesday is also best for eating out as most restaurants do not get deliveries over the weekend, and having a barbecue, the Sun reported.

Wednesday is best for asking for a pay raise and going shopping as it is the least crowded day of the week in supermarkets.

According to researchers at the London School Of Economics, Thursday morning is best for having sex as natural cortisol levels, which stimulate sex hormones, are at their highest on this day.

Friday is for selling homes and getting married - traditionally weddings fall on a Saturday, but having your do one day earlier can knock down the price of the reception and ceremony by half.

Lastly Sunday is best for ending an eBay auction as online sellers generally have the best results when their deadline falls on the traditional day of rest.

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