Tricks cheaters use to avoid getting caught

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  • Updated: Jan 29, 2014 16:38 IST

According to, ­nowadays cheaters put a lot more effort into keeping their affairs under wraps.

A few top rules that cheaters follow includes staying tight-lipped, as 11% respondents claimed to keep their ­personal details under wraps from their affair partner.

About 9% of respondents also said that they have travelled miles from their home to meet their lover, in order to not be discovered by anyone they know. And 7% of respondents hid ­evidence of their indiscretions while 6% claimed that they scooped up a second phone to chat with their affair partners without being caught.

About 5% of the respondents said that they didn’t make any change in their ­appearance while cheating, while only 5% believed using protection is important to avoid ­bringing home an STD or getting pregnant. Among the respondents, 2% also said that they paid for hotels and dinners with cash.


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