Why you should kiss some more: five reasons

  • Aditi Caroli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Mar 05, 2014 20:41 IST

The act that involves collision of lips is capable of giving you more than just breathlessness and butterflies in the stomach. You should kiss more often, not just to show your affection and passion, but also to keep your partner (and yourself) fit.

Studies suggest that apart from psychological factors like making you happy and strengthening your bond, kissing also takes care of the physical health of your mind and body.

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“Similar to what exercise does, kissing releases happy hormones (appetite suppressant hormones) in the body, which prevent you from overeating and help you stay in shape. Kissing is good for your heart and can prevent tooth decay,” says Prachi Agarwal, fitness expert.

Here’s more on why you should kiss for a healthier life.

1 Relieves stress

The best distraction you can ever get, kissing takes your mind off dozens of problems that may be bugging you. Scientifically, kissing increases the levels of oxytocin, which is body’s natural calming chemical. It also makes you breathe more deeply, which triggers further relaxation.


2 For a younger you
Kissing stimulates more than 30 facial muscles, according to medical research. From toning your cheeks and jaw muscles to smoothening out your lines and wrinkles, kissing not only makes you feel young but look young too. By boosting blood circulation around your face, it gives you a happy glow.
3 Burns calories
You thought only gymming and running could get you to burn some quick calories. Here’s a fact you’d like! Kissing burns 1 or 2 calories per minute, depending upon its intensity, indicate several studies. So it will be an awesome idea to include kissing in your daily fitness regime!

4 Combats tooth decay
We usually have a chewing gum, brush our teeth or use a mouth-freshener before kissing as a healthy dental practice. Did you know that kissing, too, can aid dental hygiene? It stimulates the flow of saliva, which neutralises acids, flushes away food particles and prevents tooth decay.

5 Keeps your heart healthy
The act of kissing may leave you breathless, making your heart beat faster. But there’s more in store for your heart. It regulates heartbeat, decreases blood pressure and lowers cholesterol level, suggest doctors. So, kiss for a happy and healthy heart.


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