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  • Updated: May 22, 2013 17:39 IST

Hey guys, are you still trying to answer the ever-so-complicated question of what women want? Recent research suggests that men who want to be more attractive should grab a guitar.

University of Bretagne-Sud and University of Paris made a young man approach 300 women between the ages of 18 to 22 and asked them for their phone numbers. A third of time he carried a guitar case, another time, a gym bag and rest of the time, he was empty-handed. The subject was least successful when holding the sports bag, gathering only nine per cent of the numbers.

When he approached women empty-handed, he succeeded 14 per cent of the time. However, his success rate was the highest with the guitar, with women offering their numbers 31 per cent of the time. In a separate study, Israeli researchers sent 100 female university students friend requests on Facebook, with some women receiving a photo of the man holding a guitar, the other half without. Without the guitar, three per cent of the women accepted his request, while 28 per cent accepted it only when he held the instrument.

In India, we spoke to some ladies who confessed that they had a soft corner for guitarists. “I love a man who others idolise. When my boyfriend is playing the guitar, all eyes are on him. At that moment, I feel special because that man is in my life. I asked him out because of this!” says 23-year-old Archita Kukreja, a fashion blogger. A Delhi-based guitarist, Arsh Sharma, is all smiles. “Since I picked up the instrument, I definitely have more women approaching me. It’s awesome,” he says.

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