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Foursquare badges level up as users get real-world expertise

social media Updated: Nov 16, 2011 17:56 IST

Do you stand out as a jet setter, an avid swimmer, an art lover or someone who can’t eat enough fast food? If you are using Foursquare your real world "skills" can now be used to earn expertise badges on the location-based social network -- and the badges help other users benefit from your expertise.

Foursquare is launching new expertise badges that "level up" to reflect what you do and what you know best (or as Foursquare calls it, "your real-world expertise").

By frequently checking into unique locations associated with 24 core expertise badges you can improve your expertise level and show off your skills to other Foursquare members.

"For instance, if you’re at a wine bar, it’s much more useful to see a Tip from a Level 8 wine expert," says Foursquare. "Or, if a karaoke buff always goes to a specific place, we can make sure that it comes up first when you’re looking to sing your heart out."

Vegetarians, Japanese food fanatics and spicy food lovers on Foursquare will be able to show off their achievements on Foursquare too with the launch of three new badges: Herbivore, Hot Tamale and Bento.

Foursquare users’ existing check-ins will count towards their expertise levels but the company has said it will add additional ways for users to level up in the future, including having your tips followed by many people.

To reach level one users have to check into three unique places or check in five times to a place in a category. Additional levels are reached by checking into 5 unique places for each subsequent level to a maximum of 48 unique check-ins (level ten).

Users can easily see how to reach the next level by visiting the new Expertise section in their Trophy Case.

Expert question-and-answer site Quora has introduced a similar concept as a way to gamify its services and to encourage people with answers to connect with people asking the questions.

Quora has launched a new suggestions list that helps people find the right person to answer their particular question and has started using credits to reward people for creating good content on the site.