Burberry and Google announce Burberry Kisses

Burberry in partnership with Google has come up with Burberry Kisses using new a technology that will allow users to capture and send a digital imprint of their real kiss to anyone in the world.

Burberry Kisses is an innovative product designed to entertain and engage global communities with personalised, beautifully rendered content Part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative.

The initiative blurs Burberry's physical and digital worlds as seen across events and experiences through retail and via connected product.

Burberry Kisses is hosted on a dedicated Burberry platform – Kisses.Burberry.com – and has been optimised for Google Chrome. It can can also be accessed via Burberry.com, or through a Burberry Kisses email received from someone.

Burberry Kisses

In a digital first, without leaving the browser, users can unlock the experience with Kiss recognition technology, using a desktop camera or direct lip contact on their touch screen device

On touch screen devices, multi touch detection allows users to create a ‘stronger’ kiss through longer touch screen contact. Before adding a personalised message, users can also select an optional Burberry lip colour for their kiss.


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