Facebook: Details of 1 million users sold online for $5

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  • Updated: Oct 29, 2012 13:52 IST

File photo of a screen displaying logos of Facebook taken in Buenos Aires. AFP/Juan Mabromata

A blogger has claimed to have bought information of 1.1 million Facebook users for just five dollars.

The company, which has recently been accused that users' privacy is undermined, is now facing claims that a blogger was able to buy email addresses and user IDs, which were not publicly available.

In recent months Facebook has been accused of allowing private messages to be made public in their new 'timeline' feature - an allegation they have strongly denied.

According to the Daily Mail, users' private information is valuable to companies wanting to advertise to audiences.

Bulgairan Bogomil Shopov, a blogger and digital-rights activist, claimed that he was able to buy data containing names, user IDs and email addresses.

He also alleged that Facebook later asked him to delete his post detailing the purchase, the report said.

Shopov claimed that he bought the data from a user called 'Mertem' on digital odd-jobs board Gigbucks, where users offer to perform tasks in exchange for payments between five and 50 dollars.


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