Facebook slammed for not removing racist fan page

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  • Updated: Aug 08, 2012 15:04 IST

Social networking giant Facebook is not taking action against an Australian ‘fan page’ that includes offensive remarks targeting Aborigines.

Some Facebook users have complained that the page, which has over 4000 ‘likes’, posts pictures of indigenous people with that are offensive and, in some cases, hate speech.

“How do you kill 1000 flies at once? Slap me in the face,” reads one of the photo captions, The Australian reports.

The page, which was created on June 4, has attracted hundreds of vitriolic comments on at least a dozen offensive posts.

According to The Herald Sun, other Facebook users have created online petitions calling for the page to be removed.

One campaign titled ‘Take down racist Facebook page’ has ten signatures, while another has 31 members.

According to the paper, a Facebook spokeswoman said that the site had no current plans to take action.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the report said, are now investigating the group.


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