Heat Maps to reveal rudest users on Twitter

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  • Updated: Aug 21, 2012 15:35 IST

Social networking site Twitter (Shutterstock Image)

Micro-blogging platform Twitter can now measure the ‘politeness’ and ‘profanity’ quotient amongst its ‘Tweeple’, by using new ‘animated heat maps’ that display the density of tweets posted by its users in a specific region/country.

A Twitter heat map developed by Vertalab has revealed where the rudest Americans live in the United States.

The barometer showed how people around the U.S. either tweeted phrases containing "good morning" or a disgruntled "f**k you”, and also revealed how these phrases evolve throughout the day.

According to the map, hospitality and politeness shines through the southern and Midwestern parts of US, as both regions showed large swaths of "good morning" pleasantries, particularly near Lubbock, Texas and middle Tennessee. New Yorkers also have a strong "good-morning" showing, Discovery News reports.

However, those in the New York City and New Jersey region have a higher tendency to retort with a ‘f*** you’, as well as for those in Los Angeles.

The survey was created under Project "Twitter heatmap", which surveyed 462 region around the United States.


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