How to block never ending 'social media royal baby delivery' news

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  • Updated: Jul 23, 2013 12:16 IST

Okay now that the news is out about the royal baby being born, for those who do not wish to get the 'per second' update about the new 8-pound, 6-ounce royal baby on Facebook and Twitter, they can implement some steps to ensure 'royal-free' existence on the social media.

According to ABC News, users can install the Unbaby.Me Plug-In for Google Chrome browsers.

Once installed, a user can set in the keywords like 'royal baby', 'royal baby boy', 'it's a boy' and then, of course, the official name, once it is released, and the software automatically replaces the photos and posts about the baby with a photo of a cat, which one can set to any photo of choice.

Users can install the Unbaby.Me Plug-In for Google Chrome browsers. Credit: www.Unbaby.Me

For those who use Tweetdeck Twitter application on computer systems, one can select the arrow on the top right of the column and then select the drop-down menu with the word 'content' on the timeline and in the 'content excluding' field type in the 'royal' terms and filter out the posts related.

Tweetdeck Twitter application helps to filter out irrelevant posts. Credit:

If nothing works out and the news about the heir to the throne keeps pouring in, it is better to just shut the eyes and choose to ignore.


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