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  • Updated: Jul 24, 2012 17:21 IST

Facebook is rolling out a set of new tools for page owners enabling them to schedule posts and market relevant information to selected users.

Page admins can now write a post and schedule it to run on the Facebook page anywhere from 10 minutes to six months after it is created using the Pages Graph API.

“If you change your mind about the scheduled publish time of the post, you can change the schedule time or delete the unpublished post so long as the post's original scheduled publish time is at least 3 minutes away,” Facebook engineer Omid Saadati said.

The Unpublished Page Post tool will give marketers the ability to run sponsored posts without having them permanently plastered on their main timeline.

“Admins frequently want to create Page posts that they can sponsor. However, these Page posts usually contain information that are relevant to only a segment of the Pages's audience, e.g., 50% off all women shoes in all the bay area stores,” said Saadati. “Such promoted page posts appear only on the right hand side column, and not on the news feed.”

Facebook also said it was introducing graduated admin permissions for third-party applications. This enables Page admins to grant third party apps with only the selected permissions needed to manage the Page.

Meanwhile, Dick Costolo, CEO of rival social network Twitter, told the Wall Street Journal the company is “trying to make it easier for third parties, such as conference organizers, to organize Twitter posts around smaller-scale gatherings.”


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