Now, view Facebook photos in full screen, high resolution

On Wednesday night, Facebook introduced a new modification, this time around to improve its photo delivery system. The social network updated its photo viewer, which is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox at the moment.

It allows the viewing of images up to 2048 pixels and view pictures in full-screen mode. The users can expand pictures by either clicking the full screen option in the menu or pressing an arrow symbol on the top right corner.

The new viewer will display pictures in the highest resolution possible. But there’s also a flip side to the modification. If a user can view you picture, she or he can also download them in high resolution.

This may not go down well with many users who may want to think twice before sharing their hi-res pictures with others. However, considering that Facebook has one of the largest collections of online pictures – with some estimates putting the number at over 200 billion – the modifications in the photo viewer will definitely gain popularity in the time to come.

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