PHONIES! 83 million Facebook accounts are fake

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  • Updated: Aug 03, 2012 12:17 IST

Facebook crosses one billion active users mark

According to the latest figures released by Facebook in a filing for the US Securities and Exchange Commission, around 83 million Facebook accounts are fake.

In a report released this week, Facebook estimates that around 8.7 percent of accounts belonging to its 955 million monthly active users (MAUs) are fake or bogus.

According to Facebook, this figure breaks down as 4.8% duplicate accounts, 2.4% what the social network terms "user-misclassified accounts" and a further 1.5% spam or "undesirable accounts."

These figures lower Facebook's number of MAUs to around 872 million; in comparison Twitter's number of users was estimated to be around 517 million (including spam accounts) in a July 30 report by Semiocast.

Read Facebook's full 10-Q report at:


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