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  • Updated: Aug 31, 2011 17:10 IST

League Of Legends regular Champion Spotlight tops YouTube's gaming top 10 for the week ending August 28, followed by footage from Black Ops - Rezurrection, Counter-Strike and Minecraft. The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, Rezurrection, contained five maps celebrating the game's co-operative zombie rush mode.

Four are re-mastered versions of community favorites, and the one new map, Moon, features in this week's chart places 2, 3 and 8. The Yogscast's Minecraft Mod spotlights throw up three top ten entries (4, 6 and 9) with quick looks at the Nuclear Uranium Mod, the Wizardly Apothecarium Mod, and the Trinket-Hunting Fossils & Archaeology Mod.

The newly announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive takes two places (5 and 10) while UberHaxorNova parodies Deus Ex: Human Revolution's obsession with the color gold in Fake Strike (7).

YouTube's most viewed gaming videos of the week (all-time views in parenthesis)
1) League of Legends - Talon Champion Spotlight (922,852)
2) Black Ops Moon Gameplay! Rezurrection (824,712)
3) Black Ops Moon Round 30+ Ultimate Tutorial (771,456)
4) Minecraft - Mod Spotlight - Uranium Mod (768,702)
5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Video Preview (716,805)
6) Minecraft - Mod Spotlight - Apothecarium (689,657)
7) FAKE STRIKE - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (614,157)
8) Moon easter egg full tutorial (613,1454)
9) Minecraft - Mod Spotlight: Fossils & Archaeology (607,297)
10) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Underpass (495,281)


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