HindustanTimes Fri,04 Sep 2015
The Great G8 Lie
Activists of international anti-globalisation organisation Oxfam, costumed as G8 leaders, dance in the harbor of Rostok, Germany.

Bush isolated on climate change heading into G8

US president heads to this year's Group of Eight summit determined to block binding cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, leaving him isolated among other G8 leaders who favour stronger action on global warming.

'G8 will not discuss forex issues'

Italian government assures that the world leaders attending G8 summit would not discuss foreign exchange issues.

G8 to call on China to take action over Darfur: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she would ask China to use its clout over the Darfur conflict, when G8 members hold talks with Beijing later this week.

G8 Summit key issues

Issues discussed at G8 Summit 2007 would include- Climate change, proliferation, globalisation and trade and African aid.

5 Indian Americans among J-8 participants

The students beat 65 school teams to represent the US at the G8 Summit's parallel meet in Germany, writes Shalini Kathuria Narang.

G8 leaders' spouses to hold parallel summit in Germany

As G8 leaders meet for a 3 day summit dominated by differences over defence and climate policy, their spouses will meet at a parallel forum with a less divisive agenda.

US, Russia relations tense on eve of G8 summit

Tension between the former rivals is evident as Russian foreign minister repeats that US plan to install a missile defence shield in central Europe for security purposes is humbug.

Blair wants 'frank' talk with Putin at G8 summit

British prime minister is determined to talk to Putin on a proposed US missile shield and a murdered former Russian agent.

Obama touches raw nerve in Pak

Pakistan criticises US presidential hopeful Barack Obama for saying that, if elected, he may order unilateral military strikes inside this Islamic nation to root out terrorists.

Facebook trounces Hillary, Obama

Online game
A group started by Alabama's Raj Vachhani, in support of a comic star's mock candidacy for the 2008 polls, garners over one million members within a week's time.