HindustanTimes Tue,01 Sep 2015

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Top 5 donors to Obama, Romney campaigns

Who are the biggest donors to the campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney? The Associated Press examined more than 2.3 million campaign contributions and ranked the top five financial supporters for each.

Doing his job, Obama a subtle campaigner

By commanding the response to a ferocious October storm a week before the election, Obama is employing a political advantage in the race to be President.

US presidential poll campaign makes 4-year old cry

The long US presidential campaign has made at least one young girl cry. In a video released Wednesday that has gone viral online, 4-year old girl Abby Evans is seen frowning, tears rolling down her cheeks.

US 2012 polls most expensive in history, to cost $6 bln

Notwithstanding a weak economy, the 2012 general elections will be the most expensive in US history, costing a whopping $6 billion, with the presidential race alone accounting for $2.6 billion.

First bin Laden film premieres just in time for US vote

Timing is everything in show business, but the director of the first movie about the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden doubts its television premiere Sunday will swing the US election.

Twitter maps out popularity of Obama, Romney tweets

Twitter has launched an interactive map of the United States that charts where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's campaign tweets have had the most impact, and where they have fallen flat.

One million ads for 10 states

One million ads. More than $1 billion. Ten battleground states. Those eye-popping figures tell the story of the 2012 presidential campaign TV ad blitz — never before has so much money been spent on so many commercials aimed at so few voters.

Twitter, Facebook used to push Americans to the polls

Nani Teruya does not vote because she believes the United States is illegally occupying her home state of Hawaii, but people are trying to convince her to go to the polls next week via Google+ and Twitter.

Celebrities throw their weight behind candidates

With the US presidential election tipped to be the closest in years, both President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney are pulling out the big guns with celebrity endorsements.