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War-weary Afghans shrug off Obama re-election

In Afghanistan, where US troops are fighting and dying in America's longest conflict, the re-election of President Barack Obama was met with a war-weary shrug today as foreign forces prepare to withdraw.

Factors that led prez to victory

US President Barack Obama confounded political logic by triumphing over a sluggish economy to win a second term in office. Here are some of the keys to Obama's win over Republican Mitt Romney.

Obama's re-election celebrated around world

From his old school in Indonesia to a Japanese beach town that happens to share his name, people around the world cheered President Barack Obama's re-election today.

Vote counting in Florida halted for the night

Election officials halted the vote count in Florida amid a tight race in the southern state between President Barack Obama and his defeated Republican rival Mitt Romney, US media reported on Wednesday.

Hindu-American elected to US Congress for the first time

Tulsi Gabbard today createdhistory by becoming the first Hindu-American to have entered the US House of Representatives, winning her Hawaii seat by trouncing her Republican rival in a one-sided contest.

Kenyan family hails victory

Singing and dancing, the ancestral village of Barack Obama celebrated on Wednesday the re-election of the son of their soil, who won because he knows how to "love all people", his grandmother said.

Wall Street reconciles to Obama again

Wall Street firms gambled on Mitt Romney and lost. Now, faced with the prospect of even tougher regulations in President Barack Obama’s second term, they have to build better ties with the new financial regulators he will appoint.

Obama 2.0 sends jitters

Barack Obama’s return as US president is sparking optimism and confidence among Americans but his second innings at the White House has made Indian IT-BPO players edgy and cautious over a possible backlash on outsourcing as a business model. Vivek Sinha reports. Wary on services, rosy on growth | Wasting no time, Obama calls leaders of Congress

US stocks plunge 2% after Obama's election as Europe woes deepen

US stocks fell more than 2% on Wednesday, putting the S&P 500 on track for its biggest drop since June, as investors shifted their focus to a looming fiscal showdown in Congress after President Barack Obama's re-election.

Susan Rice set to take over from Hillary

Susan Rice, the present US ambassador to the United Nations, is set to be secretary of state in the second Obama administration, say several sources. She will take over from Hillary Clinton.

Obama faces tough policy future

If the president cannot end Congressional gridlock, experts warn that his second term will be reduced to veto threats, empty promises and legacy-sealing forays into foreign lands.

Economy the single most important issue on agenda

Here's the assignment President Barack Obama has won with his re-election: Improve an economy burdened by high unemployment, stagnant pay, a European financial crisis, slowing global growth and US companies still too anxious to expand much.

What's on Obama's international diary

The rest of the world barely got a mention in the US elections, but what is on Obama's international diary in the remaining two months of the year is already clear.