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Romney edges ahead of Obama in new poll

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has edged ahead of US President Barack Obama, a poll conducted by a leading national daily said in Washington.

Obama becomes first president to vote early

President Barack Obama cast his ballot for the November 6 election in his hometown of Chicago and encouraged others who could vote before Election Day to follow his example.

Obama fires up voters as polls show dead heat

As polls continue to reflect a close contest for the White House, President Barack Obama is making an effort to fire up his campaign, Yashwant Raj reports.

Romney has small lead over Obama, show polls

Ahead of the November 6 election, Republican challenger Mitt Romney is maintaining a small lead over incumbent Barack Obama who, however, still has a “narrow advantage” in key battleground states, say opinion polls.

Obama cancels 2 campaign events due to hurricane

US President Barack Obama has canceled two campaign events early next week to monitor developments related to Hurricane Sandy and its expected landfall in the eastern United States, the White House announced on late Saturday.

Hurricane pauses US presidential campaign

President Barack Obama planned to travel to Florida today for a campaign stop as Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the eastern United States, forced White House candidates to review their schedules.

Democrats set to retain senate, Republicans to keep House

Democrats control the senate by a thin majority of 51-47, with the remaining two being independents, writes Yashwant Raj.

Obama pulls out of Ohio election rally due to storm

US President Barack Obama has pulled out of an election campaign rally on Monday in the all-important state of Ohio because of the imminent arrival of Hurricane Sandy, the White House said.

US prepares for superstorm, Obama cancels campaign

As the US east coast prepared for life-threatening wind and rain brought by Hurricane Sandy, the president cancelled campaign events to monitor the situation from the White House, Yashwant Raj reports.

US presidential race is all about Ohio — or is it?

With one week left for the polls, Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney both have clear paths to the 270 electoral votes needed for victory — and they don’t all go through Ohio the state that both sides have long viewed as key to capturing the White House.

Storm-hit Obama ropes in Bill Clinton for election campaigning

After suspending his election campaign to personally lead the administration's preparedness for superstorm Sandy pounding the East Coast, US President Barack Obama has roped in charismatic Bill Clinton to carry on the campaign on his behalf.

Sandy muffles US campaign a week from election day

Superstorm Sandy muffled vitriolic campaigning a week from the US election, as President Barack Obama managed the aftermath today and Mitt Romney faced a post-disaster political minefield.

US election warms up as storm slackens

President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney looked to console the nation and show leadership Tuesday after a devastating storm struck days ahead of election day.