HindustanTimes Mon,25 May 2015

Hail the machine gun kid

Courage and relentless aggression may be suicidal in modern boxing, but Devendro is a delightful boxer to watch. Sukhwant Basra writes. Punched out

A great leveller

What made these Games so enriching has been the smiles.… English volunteers are a bunch of beaming happy people who shrug off rudeness with a smile and accommodate every demand. Sukhwant Basra writes. Olympic idols | Flip Flops

A guide to Olympics for sport dummies

If you're not a sports fan, this is probably the only time in four years you'll find yourself getting excited over the quarter finals of a table tennis match or the next round of the javelin throw. Poonam Saxena writes.

Bolt's success has been the catalyst for Jamaica's gold rush

Usain Bolt confirmed himself on Thursday night as a true legend. Although most people would have already considered him as such, he had previously stated that he felt he would need to defend his Olympic 100 and 200 metres crowns successfully to earn that title. Michael Johnson writes.

Winning is nothing

It’s the last day of the Olympics and all across our nation’s rolling tracks and fields, we are bursting with pre-ordered pride. Indrajit Hazra writes.

India a global force, but not at the Olympics

Five medals — India’s best showing at the Olympics so far — has given us cause to celebrate, but we must take it with a pinch of salt. While the growing economic might of many nations is reflected in their medal tally at the Olympics, the same doesn’t hold true for India.

The power of ones

Instead of stressing on team sports in the Olympics, India must focus on individual disciplines it's good at.

And you thought they were special?

Paes is now acting like a stubborn kid who won't go to the party unless he gets his candy, writes Sukhwant Basra.

On the road to discovery

Fighting odds and dope taint, Seema Antil Punia wants to silence critics, writes Saurabh Duggal. Know Seema

Winsome twosome

Friends forever, Sandeep and Sardar carry India’s hopes of a revival on their broad shoulders, writes Saurabh Duggal. Know the champs

Gearing up for London

The right infrastructure that can meet our Olympics medal ambitions is still missing.

It's all fun and games

Booze and condoms run out in Olympics villages as extraordinary feats call for extraordinary ways to unwind, writes HT.

The machines that never arrived...

In the end it turned out to be money for nothing. Well, at least in the context of the boxing competition of the London Olympics that is. Saurabh Duggal writes.

Game for democracy

London 2012 could be a tipping point for Indian Olympic sport, the moment when we emerge from years of celebrating mediocrity into striving for excellence. Rajdeep Sardesai writes.

Darwin at the Olympics

On January 5, an Austrian newspaper reported that a certain Wilhelm Röntgen had discovered a new kind of radiation, which we would later know as X-ray. It was also the year that saw the first modern Olympic Games. Abhijit Majumder writes.
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Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
England 58 59 57 174
Australia 49 42 46 137
Canada 32 16 34 82
Scotland 19 15 19 53
India 15 30 19 64
New Zealand 14 14 17 45
South Africa 13 10 17 40
Nigeria 11 11 14 36
Kenya 10 10 5 25
Jamaica 10 4 8 22