Kejriwal govt takes charge of Delhi, has 70-point agenda to fulfill

The new AAP government will focus on curbing corruption, controlling price rise, and providing uninterrupted power and water.

Yet another election, yet another defeat: Can Congress bounce back?

Another state, another debacle and the Congress' slide continues. The free fall that started in the Lok Sabha elections last summer has seen the party being decimated in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and now Delhi.

Delhi polls: How AAP did a Modi on BJP and won votes

AAP on the other hand, did a Modi on the BJP. Like PM Modi rarely referred to Kejriwal during the general elections (except to a reference to him as AK-49).

AAP, up and away in the Capital

Local issues carried the day for the party. The challenge now is to fulfil its promises.

With Kejriwal's Delhi comeback, honeymoon is over for Modi

Despite the landslide win, Kejriwal is not yet the national alternative. He may get there, but it will take time and hard work, writes Vir Sanghvi.