'NaMo NaMo the PM go!' to go viral?

"An anthem for the youth, in support of Sri Narendra Modi as the PM candidate of India", this is what Krishnan Sugavanam calls his rap song written on Narendra Modi in his Youtube channel.

The 'anthem' starts off slowly by mentioning Modi's modest roots and how he has become a hero through his hard work.

Then the song freaks out into a blend of adjectives, most of them completely irrelavant, not only to Modi but to any 'human' in general.

Sugavanam calls Modi the "last airbender"! Thats only a start. Here comes the flurry of adjectives. He raps the following adjectives in quick succession 'Exponent man', 'proponent man', 'employment man',' Improvement man' ......

But at the end of the day, i liked it as well. It's a video worth reaching "viral" status. Have a look ....


Others who helped Sugavanm in making this video are

Graphics & Video: Arunponraj.M
Music Production and Composition: S.Ved Shanker

Sugavanam was not available for comment.


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