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Bookaroo kicks off on creative note in Delhi

It was Bookaroo time for the Delhi’s kids on Saturday.

Man on mission education

Class apart RB Pal's students elect a panchayat that manages the school. It holds general body...

Temple, tree and enlightenment

The classroom in the Mansa Devi temple complex, Panchkula, may have a pastoral feel but it...

When beggars turned choosers

Shravan Kumar’s mission to get these children off the streets and into school was difficult but...
You are truly privileged, because you can read this sentence. Chances are, most of the people around you--your family, friends and colleagues--can do the same. But isn't it distressing to know that millions of children in India wouldn't know whether to turn this page upside down? In fact, for them this printed side is just as good or bad as a blank page. For a country that often pleads to be considered a superpower, we often forget that a large part of our population is illiterate. Worse, they have little hope of receiving an education. Ever...

editor's note

Sanjoy Narayan
You are privileged. You can read this page. But it has to be more than a privilege. It has to be every child’s right. The 2011 Census suggests that about a fourth of India is illiterate. But the real number of people who can actually read and write is even lower. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) says there are 45 million children...




You Read They Learn

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